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Another request from Elliot Forster.

Elephant Human Hybrid

Elephant Human Hybrid
Elliot Forster says:
Hi, I have an idea for a tattoo but no one can seem to visualize it to be able to draw it.
My idea is an elephant with human arms for legs.
If you could help out it would be much appreciated!

A hedgehog with a pink bow and pink tutu named Spike.

Lewis says:
Hi. Following a late night probably forgotten conversation with my girlfriend is there any chance you could do a hedgehog with a pink bow and pink tutu named Spike? thanks

Winter space fox riding a banana.

Luna says:
Hi! I would like to request a winter space fox riding on a space banana near the moon?

Night Panda


Sam says:
Hi there! Basically what I want drawn is a minimalist panda looking at or eating a minimalist moon (A.K.A. a night panda). When I saw minimalist I don’t mean much, just no shading and not TOO much detail.

Night panda is pretty much an inside joke in my family. It started because I would get up in the middle of the night and eat all the good food and wake my family up while I’m clomping around. I reminded my brother of a panda because they pretty much only wake up to eat and are super lazy, just like me.


P.S. I would totally pay for this.

A flamingo doing a squat.

Ivan flores says:
I would a drawing of a flamingo in a squat rack doing squats (he looks like he is struggling)

Koala + Weasel


The Request:
Hi, I was wondering if you would be able to draw me a koala and a weasel hanging out in a tree? Sounds a bit odd haha, but it’s what my boyfriend and I refer to each other as, and I’m leaving the country in a few months to go back to the other side of the planet (visa related – unsure if I’ll get to see him again), so I’m hoping to make a goodbye card that’s really original (and I love your drawings). – Simone

The Response:
I can never resist cute couple requests, especially so close to Valentine’s. Hoping the best for these two! <3

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Virginia Opossum Baby
The Request:
Hello, would you mind drawing a super cutesy infant Virginia opossum? Maybe in a tree or making their “I’m so tough” hissy face at a cat? I work at a non profit wildlife rehab center and we get in over 1000 opossums per year. Our volunteers would just love it! – Brooke,

My Response:
Thank you for all of the work that you do! <3

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Sloth Wizard on the Moon


The Request:
Hey man could you possibly draw me a sloth sitting on the moon dressed as a wizard? I’m looking to get this tattooed on my arm. It serves as a reminder of a close friend of mine. Thank you! Donations will be made. – Trejo

My Response:
I am not a man. But here you go because I like sloths. Enjoy your tattoo, I’d love to see it.

Mission Accomplished!


Something asked for by a dear friend.

Cooler. #TLDR


The request: Okay so I looked at some of your drawings and thought them absolutely adorable!! But I was wondering if you could also do cooler art? I’m looking for someone to draw me a mystical creature that I made up. You can check out the description then see if you wanna do it.

So basically this creature’s similar to a fox in body shape. The fur is a pure white that sort of glows magically….especially in the dark. There’s a blue mark on the forehead of the fox-like-creature that’s supposed to look cool but you can make it however you want, just not too big. Also, this creature’s supposed to be more of a water-lover, meaning it’s supposed to be able to swim really well. So the tail would be something that it would be able to swim with, like a large cool fish tail. Maybe the “elbows” on the front two legs of the animal also have fins sticking out, if you know what I mean? The paws of the animal are a little different. They can close together and look like paws, but when it goes into the water, the creature can “pull its toes apart,” revealing webbed feet. Both sets of legs can do this. Also on the paws there are little blue marks similar to the one on the forehead, just not as big and fancy. Btw, the blue marks glow brighter than the white fur, which only let’s off a faint glow.

I think this animal’s supposed to look cooler, but it’d be cool if you could draw a cuter version of it if you’d prefer.

Thanks, and I really really hope you can do this, although it’s a really difficult request. If you’re wondering what it’s supposed to be for, I’m gonna be writing a book that has these kinds of creatures in it, and I want the readers (my friends and stuff) to be able to know what it looks like. So I’d prefer it to be cooler-looking instead of cutesy but I also don’t mind cutesy.

My response: I was almost going to file this under nope, but hey, I can totally rock some cooler art.

New on RedBubble

I’ve added a section just for “Ask Me To Draw” art on RedBubble. You can get cool stuff like t-shirts, pillows, mugs and even leggings. I’ll be adding more soon, but if your favourite isn’t up, feel free to request it in the comments. Check it out here.

Hammerhead heading out of the pits…


The request: Would you be able to turn my Wave tattoo into a drawing of a shark? A hammerhead or Mako shark would be preferred! Thanks!

Sweet, sweet yam.


The request: Hi can you make a doodle for my gf our name is Bryan and Brigitte we call each other yam. hope you can do it for me thank you . Make it sweet please 😀

Beecause Bees loves their pollen…


The request: I’d really appreciate if someone would be able to draw a colourized version of the attached image. I’d quite like the tattoo (near my ribs, if anyone is at all interested) and would like to see how it would look with a bit of skilled execution.

The pink is supposed to be pollen grains, but I’d prefer the colour to be a fairly dark/vibrant red and the wings to have a silvery translucent sort of look if at all possible, like an actual bee. Looking for a fairly anatomically correct bee.

A red fox and a timberwolf cuddling

The request:
“Could you draw a red fox and a timberwolf cuddling?” -Reghan Butler

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The Hungry Fox

The Hungry Fox

The request:
“a fox eating itself, a coloured drawing, maybe the fox is turning into ashes idk i believe in your own vision!” – Paulo Magdalena

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Red Panda + Koala Bear New Items @Society6

It seems my little Red Panda + Koala Bear are quite popular on Society6. Since I drew that for here, I thought I’d mention that I’ve added more items for this particular drawing as well as a second drawing of the cuddly little guys.

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Sweet Dreams for Red Panda + Koala Bear

Sweet Dreams for Red Panda and Koala Bear

A few people have requested more of the Red Panda + Koala Bear. Well, since you all asked so nicely, how could I refuse? Enjoy some sweet dreams with these two!

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A butterfly made from the numbers 184627


The request:
Could you draw my a butterfly made from the numbers 184627 please – Zoe