Ask Me To Draw

Why am I asking you to ask me to draw?

I’m a creative professional who likes to draw to take mental breaks.

When I hang out and colour with my nieces or nephew, I always ask them, what should I draw? Well I’m sending this out into the ether, ask me to draw something.

Mostly these are just sketches to loosen me up a bit. To just draw when I feel like it and in my own style for the joy of it. Completely different from being contracted to do something that involves clients and revisions and revisions and revisions. This is why I’m not asking for money on here, but you could pay it forward and buy the next stranger in line a coffee and send some good vibes out into this world.

P.S. Here’s a drawing from my iPad with a little assistance from said nephew:

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You made it this far? High five! What is your heart’s desire?

Request it here. It’s free to ask!

TIP: The sillier the ask, the more likely it will get drawn.

Terms & Privacy: By sending this information, you give permission to this site to publish what you submit, along with your name publicly as well as to use your ideas to create and publish the artwork anywhere and everywhere for any use. I retain all rights. Do not ask for anything that is already copyrighted. There is no guarantee that what you ask for will be drawn. Cute animals always take priority. This site may use cookies for advertising or statistics. By sending an email, you may or may not get an email response. If the art you requested is created, it may be posted here. Of course, this is subject to change and even longer run-on sentences.

You asked for it!

How long can this page get, eh? Longer, probably…